Anonymous: what happened in ur day today

not sure why you would care but I made scrabbled tofu again for breakfast which made me 40 minutes late to class. I listened to my lecturer then drew a few things. Jourdan interviewed Gemma and I for a short doco she’s making for school. I was an hour late to class so I just stayed in my studio and drew a bat. Ate dinner at Yong Green with Lauren which was really nice and caught a tram home. Now I’m drinking tea in bed and downloading music. 

Anonymous: You don't like Maisie Williams? I think she's cute and so are u.

I do like her. I just get told almost everyday of my life and I Just want to sink into my bed everytime someone reminds me. The first person to tell me I looked like her was my dad….

I love Lauren 💅 @blkoutatsunrise
Spotted a cutie today
These guys are the reason I came back to uni
This is my life (sort of)

All I want to do this August is move in with some friends into a beautiful house in Fitzroy which allows dogs.

Anonymous: you look like maisie williams



The studio was so much fun today I love everyone

100% agree

eating a sandwich in the bath. current mood: fuck yeah
Today is amazing

i did the cover for GOOD PRESS GALLERY’s “THE PAPER” this month and also “curated” a selection of exciting music songs (available on the weekend or thereabouts via above link). “good press gallery is cool / XOXO”.

really really beautiful

hospital was really fun guys, expect a new “really fun” collection of hospital drawings and comix soon.