Haha I can’t stop laughing at this photo. We are so cute
So I got my haircut and I regret everything. I look like a 15 year old gurl who tells all the boys she skates but has only stepped on a skateboard once, 5 years ago. I hate those kinda of people and now I look like one.

Anyone selling a ticket to see basement at the Evelyn?

hooves is drawing a thing, it’s amazing. you can expect a collab soon
** important message ** I’m looking for a comfortable home to move into (hopefully in the very near future) if you know of anyone who needs an awesome housemate please get in contact with me. This photo sums me up pretty well.


need 2 date someone who is just as emotionally invested in dogs as i am

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Having a draw

💚 it’s safe to say I’m better at pool than Isabella and I have a burping problem…

I am sick. Susy gave me her cold. This picture shows the contrast of last night and this morning.

I went for a browse by myself today

next week I am working 37 hours… uh..


The older I get the more this resonates with me

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I want to open up a comic book/zine store in Melbourne for independent publishers and artists.


Waves and waves and waves of it.