For my friend Grace’s 20th birthday I made her three ambient tracks. My friendship with Grace, which is now in its 13th year is hard to put into words, so these songs helped me to explore my feelings about our friendship, as well as how much I love her. Happy birthday, Grace!

One of my dearest friends Isabella made these songs for my birthday. I feel truly honoured to have a talented and hardworking friend like her. Someone I can always rely on for anything and i honestly can’t imagine ever not being close to her. ~ You inspire me to be a better person ~ It’s going to be hard to top this gift. Thank you again.

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Anonymous: Love that you care for animals!! Are you vegan? Or just vegetarian?

Shouldn’t everyone though? Vegan!

Burzum - Dunkelheit

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Whenever I see another human eating a pig that has been murdered to put in their ‘gourmet sandwich’… it makes me feel so sick. I want to spit in their eyes and put them in a slaughter house. Make them suffer because they deserve it.

I cleaned my studio today
Anonymous: Wth you know olaroman?? How?

Yes! We share a class together. She’s a true legend.

Ola is cheeky, uni is stupid. I handed in my book :-) I deserve a pat on the back.

Movie suggestions? :^)

to those of you who haven’t realised - I changed my instagram name to graceaudreypd

A journal I made for my book binding class
Anonymous: Happy Birthday you beautiful soul! I hope you had a lovely day and are about to have / are currently having a magical night.

Thank you so much for this :-) I had a pretty nice night